Nemaslug Slug Killer

Nemaslug slug killer is a relatively new treatment for the control of slugs in gardens. It uses naturally occurring parasitic nematodes, that seek out and destroy slugs. Unlike traditional treatments that require the slug to ingest a poison, the nematodes locate the slugs and then enter their bodies without the slug even having to come above ground. As a result, the slugs with frequently die underground and out of sight, leaving your vegetables unharmed. Nemaslug is organic, highly effective, and doesn't have any of the problems synthetic pesticides have.

Nemaslug is easy to apply using a regular watering can. Instructions are on the pack, but it's simply a case of mixing the nemaslug with water in the watering can then watering the area. Since nemaslug operates mostly underground, under the soil, it is usually spread on the soil, not the plants. However, it does not harm plants so there isn't a problem with doing so.

Unlike regular slug controlling pesticides, nemaslug isn't affected by heavy rain. This is because nemaslug is composed of living nematodes that occur naturally in the soil. Nematodes are living creatures and can't be washed away very easily, no matter how heavy the rain.

Nemaslug Slug killer is seen as much better than all the traditional slug treatments. This is because they all have one fatal flaw: the attract slugs. This means that if too much is used, and the farmer doesn't have enough pellets to shoot them, then the farm could be destroyed! There are other significant issues with slug pellets, such as:
  • They're dangerous to humans and animals if eaten
  • They're not organic
  • They only affect slugs above ground
  • They don't work after heavy rain
  • Requires frequent re-application

Nemaslug is a living product, containing millions of tiny nematodes. So to store nemaslug and keep it in its best condition, the nemaslug packs must be placed in the freezer/fridge until they are needed. Ideally they should be used within a few weeks of purchase.

[by Nasser 9M]